Thursday, March 02, 2006

Buffalo Zoo 1950's

Wish I could tell you who all the kids are, but I think it's a great shot. I have always loved the Buffalo Zoo, and it's neat to see previous generations enjoying it too!
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Unlce Walter 1940's

My grandpa's brother in his Army uniform.
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Uncle Walter 1940's

Looking dapper in his smart Army uniform!
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Friday, December 09, 2005

Kleinhans 1938

In Buffalo, Kleinhans means two things: The Buffalo Philharmonic and fine men's clothing.
This receipt for my great-grandfather is obviously from the latter.
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?, ca. 1937

If anyone knows what building this is, please let me know. At first I thought it was the White House, but it seems too small.
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Capitol Building, ca. 1937

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Washington Monument, ca. 1937

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The Mall, ca. 1937

The Washington Monument from the Lincoln Memorial.
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Our Nation's Capital, ca. 1937

The Lincoln Memorial.
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Kings of the Hill

I've always had this photo in with the other Adirondacks pictures, but now I'm not so sure it's from the same time. That's my grampa in the front, lying down, but he looks younger and is wearing a different shirt. The knickers in the back make me think it's the 30's. Perhaps it is.
In any case, I have to admire them for hiking up the mountain in dress socks and regular shoes.
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Knickers 1936

I don't know who this chap is, but I can't get enough of those knickers!
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Grampa Kelly 1936

My grandma's father in the Adirondacks.
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Walter and Charles 1936

My grandfather and his brother in the Adirondacks.
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Setting Off 1936

From near to far:
George Kelly (my grandmother's father), Charles Howell, Walter Howell (his brother).
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Hiking Gear 1936

I don't know who this young lad is, but I love the cars and the woven basket. Do I note a hint of color on one of those cars?
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Adirondacks 1936

I couldn't tell you who these folks are, but I imagine they are friends or relatives of my grandfather. My great-grampa Kelly is on the trip, so they may be from that side too.
By the way, the Adirondacks is what "Upstate" means to me.
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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Burt W. Howell 1940

My great-grandfather's obituary photo.
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Richard and Friend ca. 1940
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Richard and his Trike, 1938

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Mary Ann Cooper Pilkey 1936

I love this photo.
My great-great-grandmother at the cottage in Crystal Beach, Ontario
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Crystal Beach 1936

"4 generations Great Grandma Pilkey
Grandma Howell, Charles Howell
Richard Howell age 1 1/2"

Dick, Charles, Edna Jean Pilkey Howell, Mary Ann Cooper Pilkey
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The Kelly's 1935

Another picture from the same day:
Charles, Leon Kelly, George Kelly, Allie Sloat Kelly, Naomi and Dick
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Grandma Sloat and Dick 1935

Taken in the summer of 1935. I can only assume that this was the Sloat farm.
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Four Generations

Dick, my grandma, Allie Sloat Kelly and Estella Kemp Sloat
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Grandma and My Uncle Dick 1935

Grandma and her new baby.
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